The Handy 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter with Guard

The Handy 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter with Guard

Ideal for domestic use.

Product Information

The Handy THLS-6G Electric Log-Splitter exerts six tons of pressure on the log, suitable for cutting even seasoned hardwoods and gnarly, knotty wood-types.

It’s fitted with a 1.8m mains-lead and it combines large transport-wheels with a pull-handle and compact overall dimensions to ensure it will prove easy to manoeuvre and store.

A high-capacity machine, the Handy THLS-6G 6-Ton Electric Log-Splitter is capable of taking logs up to 250mm (10in) in diameter and 520mm (21in) in length.

To prevent accidental injury, this model can only be operated with both hands and is fitted with guards for operator safety.

  • Model name: THLS-6G
  • 6-ton splitting force
  • 2,200-Watt electric motor
  • Log length capacity: between 160 - 520mm (6.2 - 21in)
  • Log diameter capacity: between 50 - 250mm (2 - 10in)
  • Large 30mm diameter hydraulic ram
  • Ram Speed (Forward): 3.08cm/s (Retract): 5.29cm/s

  • Brand
    The Handy