Automower from Husqvarna has been in constant development since 1995 to create the ultimate robotic mower experience.

Automower comes in sizes to fit all gardens and all budgets. With very little maintenance and barely noticeable sound you will be able to have your grass cut all year round, no noise, no fuss. Automower will work tirelessly rain or shine and will not leave any unwanted track marks in your lawn. The advanced GPS assisted navigation system fitted to certain models means the mower finds it's way to all the uncut areas and its outstanding ability to climb slopes means even the most difficult gardens are easy work.

Please note that with Husqvarna you will also need to purchase your installation kit. 

All our branches offer a no-obligation site visit to assess the Automower solution you require, so please contact your local branch to discuss further or order online and we will be in touch to make an appointment.
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